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We began with a mission to celebrate life and serve families. So we planted trees, created pathways and nurtured our community. Our first memorial took place in 1960, and since then, Glen Haven Memorial Gardens has been a peaceful setting where families can come to remember and honor. Over 30 acres, you’ll find natural beauty and quiet corners. There is much joy to be found here, and we invite you to find yours. Explore more. Take a tour. Read our story. Share in experiences.

Glen Haven Memorial Gardens draws from the rich traditions of the past to create a serene, nurturing environment where you and your loved ones can feel at peace. From our tree-lined walkways to elaborate memorials, our cemetery is a place of mourning—and it is also a place of hope.

No matter where you are on your journey of loss, our architecture and landscaping encourage you to make the most out of your visit. At the same time, our respect for tradition means that you’ll always feel that your loved one is being well taken care of.

For a complimentary tour of our grounds and our unique offerings, please call  (352) 369-1020, or toll free at (800) 371-7307.

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Burial Options in Macon, GA 

Although our acres of green lawns and native trees help us create an atmosphere of history, Glen Haven Memorial Gardens is very much a modern place of burial. We know that families have more options than ever before when it comes to setting up a permanent memorial, and we also know that not everyone wants the full burial ritual. 

We make it easy for you by allowing any combination of burial, cremation, or other disposition plans you’d like to make to be near your loved ones. We can arrange a common burial or entombment in the same plot or crypt, regardless of what type of funeral plans you make—and because the grounds are accessible, you never have to feel as though you’re being excluded from any of the rituals you find comforting.

  • Ground Burial: Traditionally, in-ground burial has been the most common choice for many Macon families. We provide families with many options, including large family estate lots, multiple space lots and single grave spaces. Depending on the needs of the family, there are many areas throughout the cemetery to choose from.
  • Cremation Options: Glen Haven Memorial Gardens maintains a variety of facilities for the interment of cremated remains, giving you a full selection of urns, niches, mausoleums and urn gardens. For those families who desire it, we’re also able to combine in-ground burial for both casketed and cremated remains. We also provide bench, trees and statue memorials for cremated remains.
  • Mausoleums: They allow for above-ground entombment in either community buildings or specially designed family structures that offer a more private final arrangement. These elegant and well-crafted structures provide lasting comfort and affordable options for large families.

With over 50 acres that are landscaped with trees and decorated with flowing water features, careful architecture, and beautiful flower beds, our memorial park provides families with a uniquely tranquil setting no matter what kind of arrangements are made. 

Anchor the Past, Plan for the Future

Anchor the Past, Plan for the Future

Choosing a memorial garden is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your family. The place where you’re laid to rest is your family’s anchor to the past and to the future—and it’s the place where generations to come will seek answers about their heritage. That’s why we believe in not only building a sense of community, but strengthening the role we have here in Macon, GA.

No matter how you set up your final plans, we know that our memorial garden will be a part of your family’s legacy forever—and this is an honor we take seriously.

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